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Code of Practice

PhonepayPlus launched the 14th Code of Practice on 12 July 2016, which was approved by Ofcom in accordance with the Communications Act 2003 on the same date.

Download the 14th Code of Practice

Notice of actions and thresholds under paragraph 3.12.6

PhonepayPlus provides assistance to industry in order to meet compliance standards, including publishing guidance:

Number Ranges regulated by PhonepayPlus

General and sector specific guidance to support the Code of Practice

All premium rate companies have to:
  • register with PhonepayPlus
  • submit and maintain accurate details of its services and numbers to PhonepayPlus
  • check the companies they contract with
  • ensure consumers are protected
  • follow PhonepayPlus' formal directions, instructions, notices or requests for information 
Premium rate services must:
  • be upfront about the service they offer and the cost
  • treat consumers fairly
  • comply with the law
  • not invade consumer privacy
  • not cause harm or unreasonable offence to consumers
  • resolve consumer complaints quickly

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If PhonepayPlus investigates your service